The WA state parliament has passed amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 (WA) on 19 May 2023.

However, some amendments have not yet been proclaimed which means they are not yet operative.

The former version of the LG Act annotated with the adopted amendments in blue (some of which are proclaimed), so you can find the changes easily, is  here (pdf 2Mb)

The amendments, which have been proclaimed have been operative since 19 May 2023 and some since 1 July 2023 and are in the LG Act current as at 1 July 2023 here ( )

You can download a free copy of the newly amended Act  in pdf, or word (easier to copy bits from), versions from the website link above. If you download a word copy and search using catchword “2023”, you should find the changes which have been proclaimed.

We do not recommend buying hard copy until all the amendments have been proclaimed and are included in the Act (to purchase a copy you can click on the trolley icon beside the LG Act title, pay for it, and it will then be mailed to you).

Some of the regulations required to give substance to some of the provisions have been tabled. – some are operative and others are not.

Prudent Elected Members and Councils will familiarise themselves as a matter of urgency with changes to the practice and procedure for Local Government elections (not yet proclaimed but shown in the marked in blue copy here (pdf 2Mb)) , which will be held in October this year.

For some information about LG elections click here