About Us

The Local Government Elected Members’ Association (WA) Inc. (LGEMA) is dedicated to supporting Elected Members achieve the best possible community outcomes on behalf of their constituents. We are a group of current and former Elected Members pooling our collective skills and knowledge to provide resources to all Elected Members throughout Western Australia to best achieve these outcomes, guided by the principles of Openness, Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability.

These resources cover one-on-one and group activities including mentoring, workshops and advocacy services.

Please see our Contact Us page for details and our membership page for applications and information on LGEMA membership.

Rules of Association

Our Rules of Association can be downloaded here  (664kb PDF)


LGEMA will be especially helpful for Elected Members espousing the Seven Principles of Public Life.
We also provide a comprehensive range of Public and Private material.

Our Public page contains material that is publicly available including relevant State and Local Acts, policies, model rules and legal precedents.

Private material is available to Members Only and consists of templates, timelines, flowcharts and other documentation not available to the general public. We welcome our Members contributing to this ever-growing source of helpful information.

We welcome feedback and suggestions from our Members at lgema@iinet.net.au to make this site a truly one-stop-shop as far as possible.