• Effective CEO recruitment
  • Communicating
  • Psychologically Safe workplaces

Download the full programme here (pdf 375kb)

Participant Comments

“… An extremely valuable day, where elected members gained insight to recruitment, culture, values and a way to adjust approach in dealing with conflict …”

“…I can truly say it is an incredibly empowering thing to mix with people who have genuine interest in improving Local Government, without any agendas or conflicts, just a genuine desire to create a better all round workplace, culture and outcome for all stakeholders…”

“… Personally I can say I have come away from yesterday in a better mental space than I have for years, just chatting with people of similar values and experiences has been a major breakthrough for my state of mind…”

“…Fabulous and interesting day full of information and hope for the good people…”

“…A thoroughly enjoyable day with lots a great learnings. Beautiful people. …”

“… a real learning experience. Hopefully I can put everything back into my role on Council…”


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