A Message for Presiding Members


JACOB and LOCAL GOVERNMENT STANDARDS PANEL [2022] WASAT 66 explores proper role for Presiding Members

  1. Concerned inappropriate use of power as presiding member: para. 156
  2. Confirmed Mayor made improper use of his office as EM of the City to cause detriment to others, made comments designed to diminish reputation of another EM, did not act impartially: para.s 142, 146, 167
  3. Warrants a careful read by ALL EMs to understand some of the behaviours unacceptable in LG meeting Presiding Members, and which conduct can be complained about successfully
  4. minor breach of reg 4 and reg 7(1)(b) of Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 (WA) – Applicable principles – Reflect adversely – Impute motive – Whether improper use of office – Whether intent to cause detriment – Whether Panel made errors of fact – Procedural fairness